What do you do if you see a space man?

Park in it man.

@rob I think it's 8mb... this 6mb one of a driving arse works

Working with a colleague on a bacon detector. Upload a photo and it will tell you if there’s bacon in it. My contribution has been adding photos of Kevin Bacon to the training set

Amusingly I have typoed my handle when signing up. Instead of being an homage to the great Bruce Dickinson, I now have a handle that indicates a dubious competitive gathering of automated programmed accounts. I bet you can't change handles either.

So thanks to the Ginger Fuhrer for sending me an invite. This thing is quite fun. I like being able to "Toot". Feels very 80's Francis Rossi. B3ta lurker/member/lurker again since 03/04/08. Since Rob looked like this......

Skeleton walks into a pub. He walks up to the bar and says “pint of lager and a mop please”


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