@rob What part has Wolverhampton played in your rise to superstardom?

This morning, I suggested to my wife that I might ride my bike to B&Q to get some lightbulbs. She replied "Why don't you do the recycling?"
"No, I'm only going to go once."
"That was shit." was her response.
The 6 y/o, however, gave me a sideways look, the corner of her mouth rising in a sly smile, and simply nodded at me before returning to her cereal.

@rob @IffyBotrace I could probably guess (like that time I guessed what obscure movie you were watching) but I won't. With great power comes great responsibility.
I'm conscious of taking up the majority of the recent Home feed, assuming that it's the same for everyone, so I shall leave you with this: If you rearrange the letters of "POSTMEN", they get very annoyed.

@IffyBotrace @rob I reckon it's on the inaccessible page 2. It's probably something cliché like a full-page rant about how the family hamster destroyed Christmas.

@rob I mean, it's just a green tick, but I think it adds an air of authority.
I'm waiting for the sponsorship deals to start rolling in anytime now.

Hold the phone! User names aren't reserved once you sign up to an instance. You have to register to each individual instance to get your name.

@VOLEwtf Cheers. That wasn't apparent at all. I was signed into Mastadon.social in one window, but the b3ta.social didn't acknowledge it, instead asking me to sign-up.
I'll do some research now so I don't fill in the timeline with newb questions. TOOT!

I have no idea how this works. I already had a Mastadon account, but had to do a new one for b3ta.
Do I have to create a profile for each instance?


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