I'm considering running against the office of President of the United States.


Excellent plan... can you usurp approximately half the military or better?

That's the part that always stumps me. ;)

@thegibson I don't tend to get along with the military. It turns out they dislike being asked why their camo uniform has attains all over.

@Rob_T_Firefly I'm thinking of being the Australian finance minister.

I can be shit at my job and not be sacked plus I can take bribes for free holidays!


Let's see...

(Browse, browse...)

A musical making puppeterring hacker? Hell yes, I'd vote for you. A couple of times. ;)

@Rob_T_Firefly against? As in you don't want there to be a president?

That'll require:
A) revolution, or
B) constitutional convention & amendment

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