It's been over a year since I've been to the airport in Milwaukee, but it turns out courtesy is still dead here.

"You put your head down on a table at 3AM and fall asleep, having nightmares in Python while a drunk and overcaffeinated stranger with the shakes solders some ungodly thing together three inches from your drooling face; lose one turn."

A main benefit to a cold snap is the legitimate excuse to wear my scarf. It's practical now!

I went to the eye doctor for the first time in far too long, and ended up with a fresh pair of reading glasses. Fear me and my newly-assisted focus powers.

I'd thought I needed full-time glasses, but it turns out my vision is still 20/20 and the world just looks like that.

Three years ago today, @gilahava704@twitter and I had our first date here at @alicesteacup@twitter. Now we are happily married, and having our most recent date here.

(Putting the phone away for the evening after I hit send.)

Among my tinkering projects for 2019 will be restoring this delightful old beauty and installing it fully-functioning in our place.

We went book-shopping for my young niblings last night, inspired by this:

I may have picked up a little something for myself as well.

Happy Winter holiday season from Gila and myself. We present our official 2018 holiday portrait.

Today's the birthday of Grace Hopper, AKA "Amazing Grace." She was a computer scientist, programmer, and educator whose pioneering work on early computers and amiably no-nonsense attitude when teaching continues to inspire.

More info:

I painted her once.

Six months ago today, and I got married. To each other, no less!

Happy semi-versary, my love.

I have a hard-drive dock that looked a bit dull, so I repainted it as DisembAudio, the toaster-shaped, robot-voiced mascot of RiffTrax. Now my data can sync in style.

Over at @b3ta there's a challenge going on about what typo versions of websites would look like. I made Netflax.

More at: (some entries NSFW)

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