@n3dst4 I couldn’t be bothered making this joke on normal social media.

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You’re not looking so fresh yourself, darling

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So we have to do it the oldfangled way?

QT @rob There's no quote tweeting on this. Which is probably the number one source of beefs on Twitter. Some dickhead taking exception to your post, quote tweeting with a refuting statement and then winged monkeys descending.

I need a 🎼 music recommendation 🎧 📯 to get me through the last few hours of this 80%-of-a-week. All genres considered.

FTR I'm well aware of the ability to this with a VM, but this is still cool.

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This Twitter reboot looks promising but we’ll have to see how it plays out when it gets to the storylines where brands & nazis fully arrive

Is this a Mastodon or a Mastodo’ntn

this was the best thing I ever posted on B3ta, back in 2003

Okay calling them toots is adorable


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