I need a 🎼 music recommendation 🎧 📯 to get me through the last few hours of this 80%-of-a-week. All genres considered.

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@n3dst4 Try Brandon Boone - - he writes the music for The NoSleep Podcast, and thus there's quite the variety of stuff on his page.

@n3dst4 earlier this year I amused myself by making loops of famous songs going in and out of sync. I found them pretty hypnotic.

@rob I heard the Nokia one when you tweeted it, and it was brill.

@n3dst4 that's the "hit" - in that it's a sort of funnyish idea but I like the Satie ones too

@rob The first Satie one is well avant-garde 🧐

@n3dst4 Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs are cool, A perfect Circle's new album Eat the Elephant is amazing. Look up Eureka Machine too.

@Drp2000 I like A Perfect Circle, i'll queueue up the others too

@n3dst4 Kate Tempest's Let Them Eat Chaos from 2015, Carpenter Brut's Leather Teeth, Jlin's Black Origimi, Gruff Rhys' Babelsberg. Just a few I've been playing on a loop lately.

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