@ccc Hello Chris. Is your podcast thingie out?

@rob Hi Rob - Thanks for the inclvite. Just trying to work out if I’m adding people or deleting them... Quantick will be in time with the White Album (November?) and recording Samira Ahmed tomorrow- hopefully online in a couple of weeks

@ccc yeah it's the White LP one I'm interested in. Quantick is funny off the cuff and knows his Beatles.

@rob He’s brilliant- you don’t interview him, you just hold your own. Looking forward to this new B3ta outlet!

@rob Favourite line, re: U2 cover of Helter Skelter: "Charles Manson stole this song from The Beatles, we're stealing it back. Give it back to Charles Manson"

@ccc U2 introduced me to that song. It’s the sound of a band a confused about what to do after a huge hit.

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