Where's Wil Wheaton at? I love following his stuff.

@rob This is why I miss "1000 People More Annoying Than Mick Hucknall" - a safe space to rip fuck out of people, until they Google themselves and find it.

@rob yes - run by a guy who also ran Dogbomb.co.uk
I'm pretty sure when Dermot O'Leary Googled himself to find someone wanted to spade him in the head and wrote about it in The Radio Times; I was the guy who wrote the spade bit.
Granted, I was going through an angry patch, and was sick of Big Brother...


@Ugh_tC he's still knocking around - he posts YouTube stuff on /links about gaming

@Ugh_tC but yeah - it's an impossible line with no easy answers. The public want to bitch about celebs but also it's a weird headfuck to google yourself and read someone's violent fantasies and have no idea how serious this is

@rob Probably safer to stick to writing fanfic in the long run - or Photoshop an entry to B3ta ;-)

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