@Ugh_tC but yeah - it's an impossible line with no easy answers. The public want to bitch about celebs but also it's a weird headfuck to google yourself and read someone's violent fantasies and have no idea how serious this is

@Ugh_tC he's still knocking around - he posts YouTube stuff on /links about gaming

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@darkedge congratulations on your move. Christen every room in whatever way you think is appropriate.

@AlNapp Apparently so. In-between kids shouting at me about Lego cards.

@JimmerUK Wolverhampton was an OK place to grow up. Not as cramped as London. Three stars for Trip Advisor.

@WeeblsStuff because my mother and father made a baby and called it that. I wasn't consulted in the matter but I'm ok with the decision.

@Ugh_tC @WeeblsStuff I gave different answers because I'm a quality content generator

@WeeblsStuff because if we don't then someone else will and life is more interesting if you take part

@Ugh_tC because we're alive and we won't be one day

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We're going to be playing ACTUAL Bingo tonight. With balls. And a Bingo machine. FUCK YOU.

The fun starts at roughly 10pm GMT (BST) over at twitch.tv/Mr_Weebl - and feel free to join our Discord which you can find at invite.gg/Weebl

TOP PRIZES TO BE WON..whenever Weebl can be arsed to get them to you.. ;)

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