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What is brown and sticky? 

A stick.

(But if you said that then imagine the answer is "a shit")

And follow @HappyToast - famous for about a billion photoshops and helping run the image challenges on the fabulous website

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Follow @christhebarker - he's Dr Dunno on b3ta and he's famous for that time he made the cover of Sgt Pepper out of all the celebs he was glad who died in 2016

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Follow Tuesday: @chthonic - he's the old school QOTW bloke. Well one of them.

It suddenly occurs to me that if you're fleeing Twitter coz you're fed up with the Nazis then maybe an alternative set up by a guy once knows as "the ginger fuhrer" might be a bad idea

ANYWAY. Tell now you're here. Please reply with your favourite joke.

Sometimes it's useful to have two Twitter accounts simply so I can phrase a grumpy tweet like this:


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